Streamlining Outbound Warehouse Logistics with the Power of Location Data

Warehouses are the backbone of any successful supply chain. Within an intelligent warehouse, it is imperative to ensure processes are efficiently managed, particularly when aiming to achieve frictionless growth. One key component is the safe and efficient transfer of materials within a warehouse and throughout the entire supply chain. Knowing where assets are located at any given time is undoubtedly the single most critical success factor in this day and age.

Find out how Flowcate streamlined MANN+HUMMEL’s warehouse logistics through the power of the DeepHub.

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“I would recommend omlox to anyone that’s in logistics, warehousing or distribution operations. It’s a great tool and it’ll bring you as many benefits as you desire.”

Anthony Ward, Head of logistics at Mann+Hummel

The Client

MANN+HUMMEL is a global leaded in filtration technology. Under its two business units Transportation and Life Sciences & Environment, the Ludwigsburg-based Group develops intelligent solutions that enable cleaner mobility, cleaner air and cleaner water. The company makes important contributions to ensure a greener planet and the sustainable use of limited resources. In 2020, over 21,000 employees at more than 80 locations generated a turnover of EUR 3.8 billion. 

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The Challenge

MANN+HUMMEL was struggling to effectively manage their warehouse operations, due to a lack of inventory visibility and cumbersome asset management processes. Crates arriving at their warehouse were stored at temporary storage locations and it was challenging to locate them when needed in an automated and timely manner. In addition, pallets were often misplaced in the process of being loaded onto transport trucks. These bottlenecks resulted in scheduling challenges, significant delays, frequent reordering of goods and ultimately hindered operational efficiencies.

The Solution

Challenges like MANN+HUMMEL’s require multiple technologies complementing each other, working together harmoniously. An omlox-based solution was developed with the DeepHub at its core, as it unifies all locating technologies, enabling seamless location data management through one lightweight, high performance middleware. 

Advanced machine vision & industrial barcode readers from ACD Group were enhanced with Ultra-Wideband Technology from TRUMPF Tracking Technologies for asset tracking due to its high precision and consistent performance in metallic environments. Thereby, it was possible to associate metadata (serial number, product name and type, etc.) to incoming assets in the warehouse and track their exact location. BridgingIT acted as system integrator, providing an application running on the handheld scanners, which provided an asset search feature displaying the location on a mobile map including routing functionality. 

The DeepHub (running on local edge devices) represented the central component of the solution, by aggregating all location information and providing it to the application in real-time. 

The Results

This solution highlights how the DeepHub connected the dots, providing true added value by bridging the gap between technologies in one holistic solution. Locating individual crates and assets has been significantly simplified through the combined use of different locating technologies through one single interface. Through a mobile frontend, information on precise asset location and status was traceable at any moment in time and in real time on a mobile map. 

The Deep Hub enabled the seamless integration of different positioning technologies and vendors, satisfying this customer’s high accuracy and reliability requirements. The Deep Hub enabled the customer to take advantage of additional positioning technologies, providing flexibility to choose the most appropriate suppliers and/or components.

Facts & Benefits


hours per year saved in work time


months time to value


% more output in overall operations

» Reduced search times for improved warehouse worker efficiency

» Improved material flow for reduction in shipment errors

» Reduced wait times of dispatch vehicles for faster delivery

» Automation of error-prone manual processes for improved warehouse transparency

The Partners

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