DeepHub® Partner Program

Step into the future with the DeepHub® Partner Program and discover how you can propel your solutions to the next level.

Our program isn’t just about a partnership; it’s about pioneering progress in the realm of location-based solutions.

By joining our DeepHub® Partner Program, you can take full advantage of exclusive benefits, enabling you to build future-proof solutions quicker, more efficiently and to stand out in the market of location-based solutions.

What is included in the DeepHub® Partner Program?

Technical Training

» In-depth technical onboarding by our experts
» Thorough API testing for your solutions
» Early access to latest features and insights

» Become a DeepHub & omlox expert

DeepHub Certification




» Certify your solutions with the DeepHub

Partner Empowerment

» Receive tailored sales enablement
» Benefit from exclusive joint marketing initiatives

» Boost your sales & marketing initiatives

Which DeepHub® Certifications Can I Get?

DeepHub® Inside

Partners that embed or bundle the DeepHub into their product or solution.

DeepHub® Connected

Partners that enable their product to work with the DeepHub out-of-the-box. This could include a hardware product , such as an RTLS system or a software application, such as an MES.

DeepHub® Integrator

Partners that act as a system integrator, who build solutions using the DeepHub as central components of their location-based service solutions.

What are The Unique Benefits For You?

As a co-founding member of omlox, Flowcate holds exclusive expertise and know-how on the omlox hub specification and is an integral force in driving its development forward.

The DeepHub® Partner Program is designed for organizations that understand the value of omlox and want to take full advantage of our know-how to take their location-based solutions to the next level.

omlox & DeepHub Expertise

» Develop unique omlox™ & DeepHub system integration expertise

» Build more advanced solutions using any locating technology or vendor

» Integrate omlox & DeepHub into your own product offering the right way

Sales & Marketing

» Comprehensive DeepHub sales know-how and support for your sales team

» Comprehensive DeepHub marketing know-how and support for your marketing team

» Participate in mutual marketing initiatives

Partner Ecosystem

» Connect, collaborate and co-sell in the ecosystem as indirect sales channel

» Develop joint solutions based on DeepHub together with other partners

» Join exclusive events and webinars to engage with partners and customers


» Get certified, demonstrating reliability, quality and professionalism

» Gain trust from customers and other DeepHub partners

» Highlight certificates in your marketing communications