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Location is in our DNA

The question of WHERE has been in our DNA since 1998. We are passionate about geoinformatics, positioning systems and location-based services that transform location data into added value for users.

We believe having access to seamless location data is an important pillar for fostering a sustainable future – a future in which mobile assets are used more efficiently to allow for a transparent flow of products and services in a circular economy.

This is why we strive to provide ubiquitous access to location

By eliminating cross-integration boundaries of positioning technologies, we reduce operational inefficiencies and enable our partners to harness the power of location data in a future-proof manner. From Heidelberg to the world. Our partners are just as international as our team, which safeguards the seamless flow of location data from our HQ in Heidelberg, Germany and out of Vancouver, Canada.

Our day-one mantra is to make the world a little bit better

– day by day –
for our customers,
for our colleagues
and our families.

By changing our name to Flowcate, we are fully embracing our role as the leading provider of the premier omlox locating software – the DeepHub®

We went public with omlox – the world’s first open locating standard – which was then handed over to PNO – the largest association for industrial automation.

With our extensive experience in integrating location technologies for seamless (indoor) location-based services, we realized that existing interoperability approaches and standards failed to deliver – especially in industry and logistics.
By joining forces with some of the biggest players in the field, we changed the game by defining the world’s first open locating standard.

After becoming a staple of the CES mobile app experience, our DeepMap® technology became the go-to mapping technology for the most dynamic environments – tradeshows and corporate events – providing orientation to millions of users.

We built the DeepMap® technology – the first large scale indoor and outdoor 3D mapping solution, providing seamless navigation across multiple buildings and floors in highly complex spaces.

By transferring research results into our first commercial deployment, we answered the question of how to operate location-based services on a city scale – using our own technology, content, and wireless infrastructure. Heidelberg Mobil was born through the development of the first smart city outside of the USA – delivering a comprehensive orientation solution to navigate people in foreign places.

Today, some might call it cloud or edge computing – the question of where to process location data and how to use AI for location-based services. Starting in 2002, we focused on software-architectures that cope with large amounts of location data and how AI and ML approaches help to classify this data.

We originated as a research group in a prestigious, privately-owned research institute in Heidelberg – the European Media Lab. We were able to use the famous German city and its millions of annual visitors as a playground for location-based research – how to communicate location information to mobile users and how machine learning and AI can be applied to geoinformatics.